About My Practice

I’m a 1995 graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and have been a licensed and practicing massage therapist ever since, sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time. I specialize in gentle mind-body modalities that are deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Most recently I’ve been learning about trauma and recovery in body and mind. I have a deep respect and awe for the body’s own healing power and of the power of love and nature to heal. I will be honored to be a helper on your healing journey.

About Your Session

Your session will be completely customized to you and your specific needs each time we see each other and can be comprised of a single modality or any combination of them. We’ll chat for a few minutes to discover where you are that day, how your body is doing, and to clarify what you’d like out of the session. We may also choose to allow the session to flow intuitively and incorporate whatever might be most healing in the moment.

You’ll always be draped in a modest and professional manner in clean linens and on a warmed table.