My Healing Massage Modalities


Swedish massage uses unscented hypoallergenic lotion on the skin and gently works the muscles and connective tissues to improve circulation, remove toxins, and clear congestion. Very relaxing and soothing. Your session will generally include a blend of Swedish massage and a little bit of all the energetic modalities below, more or less of any as requested.



A polarity session balances the positive, negative, and neutral energies of the body and brings awareness to the five elements, nutrition, stretching, movement, and meditation to enhance overall health and vitality.


This therapy uses a light touch to follow the tidal rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid, considered to be the most nourishing substance in the body. We focus on increasing the mobility of the cranial system, assisting and improving its flow. This work can reduce chronic pain and balance all systems of the body. Extremely gentle, relaxing, and nurturing.

Core Synchronism

Very relaxing, this treatment balances and connects the ebb and flow of cranial-sacral fluid throughout the entire body, including muscles, organs, bones, and tissues, using polarity principles as a guiding structure. Excellent for chronic pain, inflammation, post-op healing, headaches, and general malaise.


This work soothes the entire nervous system, especially the vagus nerve, and calms both the outgoing and the incoming nerves. Deeply relaxing on many levels. Very good for PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, drug or alcohol withdrawal, grief, and depression.

Windows of the Sky

This treatment stimulates a set of ancient Chinese acupuncture points (using fingers, not needles) which induces a deep meditative, almost dreamlike, state in which imbalance and disfunction can be approached, accepted, and resolved with greater ease. This shift in awareness allows mental, emotional, and spiritual issues to find easy and insightful resolution.

Add-ons available for your treatment, please inquire:

$20 per add-on, can add as many as you want

  • Hot stones – to hold in your hands, placed on the soles of your feet, to rest on your belly and heart, or used with lotion to massage and warm a key area or two during your session
    • Basalt imparts a deep heat to the muscles
    • Jade – known since ancient times for its healing properties
    • Himalayan salt stones to draw out toxins and purify
    • Cold Marble stones are soothing on temples or wrists, or used in conjunction with hot stones to provide a deep flush for muscles and tissues
  • Hot towels – moist heat for soothing relaxation during your session. Pick a spot: feet, back, neck, or another area.
  • Aromatherapy – pure essential oils are diffused in the air and/or blended with unscented massage lotion at the time of your treatment and used on the body, either focused on hands, feet, back, or used throughout your full-body treatment
  • Sound Healing – begin your session with three minutes of waveform tones to shift into a uniquely calm state. Toning forks will also be used during the treatment

About Your Session

Your session will be completely customized to you and your specific needs each time we see each other and can be comprised of a single modality from the list above or any combination of them. We’ll chat for a few minutes to discover where you are that day, how your body is doing, and to clarify what you’d like out of the session. We may also choose to allow the session to flow intuitively and incorporate whatever might be most healing in the moment.

You’ll always be draped in a modest and professional manner in clean linens and on a warmed table.